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An aerial view taken on July 30, 2015 shows the Tamar Israeli gas-drill platform in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel

US-Initiated Leviathan Gas Deal to Make Israel Major Energy Power in Middle East

Middle East
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The US-led consortium monitoring the development of Israel's Leviathan offshore gas field has signed its first landmark export agreement with Jordan's National Electric Power Company (Nepco), worth $10 billion. Thus Israel has taken its first step towards playing an important role in the global energy market, German newspaper DWN wrote.

The gas deal is slated to bring Israeli natural resources to the world market, the article said.

The agreement is worth $10 billion, and, according to it, Israel will supply Jordan with 300 million cubic feet of gas every day for 15 years.

"The supply of natural gas to Jordan will enable the people of Jordan to benefit from the same clean, efficient and economical energy source as in Israel and will contribute to the continuing economic growth and prosperity of the respective economies of Jordan and Israel," Leviathan shareholder Yossi Abu told FT.

The provision of natural gas to Israel's eastern neighbor is expected to begin in 2019, although the deal is still subject to approval by Israeli and Jordanian authorities.

Leviathan is Israel's largest offshore gas field, and is being touted as a way for the country to become a major energy power in the Middle East.


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  • Mystic-One
    Here is a quote from Texe Mars on what Leviathan is:

    Take, for example, the celebrated rabbi known throughout the Jewish religious world as the “Gaon of Vilna.” It was he who taught of the Kabbalah’s doctrine that inside Judaism’s vaunted Tree of Life there resides a great and Sacred Serpent whose masculine name is Leviathan and whose feminine name is Malkut. It is this Sacred Serpent, the Kabbalah teaches, that in the coming Messianic age shall rise from the abyss to conquer the Gentiles and exalt God’s Chosen, the Jews. This Leviathan, the holy and piercing serpent, is the expected Messiah prophesied to appear, the one who will supernaturally possess the bodies of the world’s Jews and lead them to global domination and glory.

    This strange doctrine, accepted by the vast majority of today’s Orthodox Rabbis, also makes the bold claim that the Jews are a Holy Race of wise and virtuous serpent beings. Collectively, World Jewry is claimed to be the very incarnation on earth of the Holy Serpent.

  • Marques rougesin reply toMystic-One(Show commentHide comment)
    Sounds like yet another element inspired from older cultures and religions, maybe the Kundalini sacred power described in Yoga.
  • Mystic-Onein reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
    Marques rouges, It does indeed go back further to Babylon where Leviathan and Baal were worshiped. These entities are of a demonic nature and not a benevolent one from what I have researched so far.
  • arpitoin reply toMystic-One(Show commentHide comment)
    Mystic-One, - informative but racist garbage. The thing to remember about the Jews is that their cumulative bad Karma stemming from their centuries old immoral conduct will eventually wipe them out. No tears will be shed, the Heavens will not open, it is just one of those untold number of events in the Universe where the laws of creation assert themselves and evil (i.e. that which elevates itself above the order of things) gets destroyed
  • Mystic-Onein reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
    arpito, I agree, but as an addendum to the word racist you use.

    It has been proven and even said publicly by Mr. Putin himself that 80-85 of the people holding power during Bolshevik Communism were Jewish. They killed over 66million Russians and Christians.

    When they got power they passed a law that said that anyone criticizing Jewish people was to be called a Racist and an enemy to the State. (1927) This charge got you tortured and or shot and or worked to death and or frozen to death and or starved to death. People bandy that word around and don't even know where it originated.

    When one uses that word one is simply perpetuating the lie and evil already eating at the souls of people everywhere.
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